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Yes, you can access C-Level services on-demand.

Your business is growing and you’re in over your skis in one area of the business. (Or maybe two?) But it’s too expensive to hire a full-time Chief   Officer at your stage. Who can afford that kind of salary, bonus, vacation, health benefits, payroll tax, workers comp, travel, laptop, general overhead…? We could go on, but which area is challenging you the most right now?

Human Resources/Talent

The true cost of in-house finance for small to medium-sized businesses

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Our Services

  • C-Level Services

    You’re the visionary. A sales-driven leader. But you know your business has grown and needs executive level help. C-Level Services by Vessel Advisors brings financial clarity and operational certainty to growth-stage CEOs and their companies. Our advisors serve as a fractional CFO, COO, CMO, or CHRO to business owners and managing partners with a focus on strategic finance, aligning teams, leveraging technology, and useful metrics. Our advisors bring extensive experience in developing and implementing strategic financial and operational plans in growth-stage businesses and early-stage start-ups.

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  • Scalable Finance

    How are you going to grow your back office team? Scalable Finance is the back-office finance and accounting team for growing companies who want to outsource multiple finance team roles (CFO, Controller, Manager, and Bookkeeper). The Scalable Finance team provides an immediate upgrade of experience and skill for a fraction of the cost of a finance team. Optional services also include oversight and management of payroll, HR, insurance, and real estate needs. As the name suggests, Scalable Finance grows (or contracts) based on the growth (or contraction) of the company.

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  • Business Advisory

    What’s your blind spot? Business Advisory services by Vessel Advisors empowers business owners with resources, frameworks and business maps to make the right decision, quickly.

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“Vessel's ability to bring focus along with financial and operational excellence into a rapidly changing startup ecosystem has been one of the most impressive things I've ever seen, and all of that comes along with the fact that they're just a class act and great company to be around.”

David Jay Founder @ Pass,, Shoot & Share, Vivi, Warm Welcome

“Vessel Advisors balances a focused talent for bringing structured systems, streamlined processes and measurable metrics to all aspects of the financial and operational management of an enterprise with an innate ability to dynamically adapt in support of fellow executives in achieving both tactical and strategic objectives.”

Don Oparah Founder & CEO of Blockvolution Inc

"Vessel Advisors is one of the best numbers companies I know when it comes to start-ups and tech-related companies. They understand this space including the various players and stakeholders that converge. They're also great with people and bring a can-do attitude. They helped Polis Technologies get clear on our revenue model and how much we could spend to acquire new users. They also helped communicate this during our fundraising efforts with Pasadena Angels and BMW iVentures among others. I recommend Vessel Advisors without reservation."

Dennis Baker Founder & CEO of Polis Technologies

"Having Vessel's team as my trusted advisors and business coaches has been like rocket fuel for my business. They helped create clarity for my pricing and helped me implement a new pricing model. They also bring systems and frameworks from a finance and operations perspective that have been perfectly suited for my business. I’ve recommended them to many of my clients and would highly recommend them to any business owners."

Kristin Prosser Founder & CEO of The Accounting Collective

"Vessel Advisors created a work environment for myself and my team that I didn't know was possible. They had a vision and order that was way outside of my own ability. When we brought in Vessel, it was to reorganize our systems and people, so that things ran smoothly and I could hand off some obligations to my team. What they gave us was more. More time and energy to be open to bigger opportunities. More confidence in the ability and gifts I do possess. More connection to my team and their strengths. Everyone was healthier and happier because of the investment we made in Vessel Advisors and their ability to see things through. The relief it gave me from a personal standpoint is still to this day, invaluable. I'm so thankful I'm so much better at delegating, so I don't miss out on what's right in front of me. That's all because of Vessel Advisors and the role they played with Cara Clark Nutrition."

Cara Clark Author, The Wellness Remodel, and Founder & CEO of Cara Clark Nutrition

"Don't work with them! That's what I selfishly told everyone when I first started working with Vessel. Admittedly it was because I wanted their skillsets 100% dedicated to FunnelDash and didn't want anyone else buying up their time. But, it turns out, a startup full-time CFO would be overkill. Vessel Advisors has been instrumental in helping me navigate our start-up's turbulent financial crosswinds. They were our financial advisors in the early stages when we self-funded the business heavily with debt and cash flows from other businesses all the way through to our first round of seed capital. Every startup should have a contract CFO and I can't recommend Vessel Advisors enough."

Zach Johnson Founder & CEO, FunnelDash