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Fostering Innovation Through Strategic Financial Partnership

In the fast-paced world of software and technology, financial agility and strategic insight are not just advantages—they’re necessities. Vessel Advisors specializes in delivering fractional CFO and back-office accounting services designed to propel growth, attract investment, and navigate the complexities of the tech industry.

We’re here to ensure that your financial management accelerates, rather than hinders, your innovation.


Expertise in Angel/VC Capital Fundraising

Whether you’re preparing for pre-seed or eyeing your next round, our deep understanding of the investment landscape empowers your pitch. We offer specialized services in angel and VC capital fundraising, ensuring you’re poised to capture attention—and investment to launch your company forward.


Dynamic Fundraising Strategy for Every Stage of Growth

From seed to Series B and beyond, securing capital is critical to your growth. Vessel Advisors crafts and implements dynamic fundraising strategies along your growth trajectory, which aligns your financial story with the interests of investors and private equity funds. Expertise combined with vision is fertile ground for growth.


Mastery of SaaS Finance Metrics

The metrics that matter for tech companies—MRR, ARR, Churn, CAC, CLTV, etc.—are second nature to us. Vessel Advisors provides precise tracking and analysis of your critical KPIs, offering the insights you need to optimize performance and valuation.


Investor-Level Reporting

Communicating your company’s financial health and trajectory to investors requires more than run-of-the-mill bookkeeping. Our investor-level reporting goes beyond the basics, providing detailed contribution margins, CFO insights and detailed analyses that will instill confidence in your investors. We help ensure that your financials tell a compelling story of growth and potential.


Forward-Looking Budgeting and Forecasting

Plan for the future with a financial roadmap designed for scalability and success. Our budgeting and forecasting services are tailored to the tech sector’s rapid pace and potential for scalability. An ambitious goal requires an equally robust financial strategy to achieve it. While no start-up forecast can accurately predict the future, a well-thought-out model instills confidence in investors and employees, alike.


Scalable Accounting for Startups

As your company grows, so do your accounting needs. Staff Accountants. Accounting Managers. Controllers. FP&A professionals. And the growth is often too rapid for your hiring and internal systems to keep up. We offer an accounting department that scales with you, providing the flexibility, expertise, and training required at every stage. From startup to scaleup, we ensure your financial infrastructure supports sustained growth.

"We went from 5 employees to an IPO, and we wouldn't be where we are without the team at Vessel."
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Brad Searle
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Why Vessel?

Where innovation meets insight.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing SaaS and technology companies. Our services are not just about managing numbers—they’re about enabling your next leap forward.

With Vessel Advisors, you gain a strategic partner committed to your vision and equipped to navigate the financial complexities of the tech landscape.