Are you a visionary founder or sales-focused business owner?

How are you going
to grow your back
office team?

Scalable Finance

How are you going to grow your back office team? Scalable Finance is the back-office finance and accounting team for growing companies who want to outsource multiple finance team roles (CFO, Controller, Manager, and Bookkeeper).

  • Does your accounting and finance team scale with you? (Answer: No.)

    The Scalable Finance team provides an immediate upgrade of experience and skill for a fraction of the cost of a finance team. Optional services also include oversight and management of payroll, HR, insurance, and real estate needs. As the name suggests, Scalable Finance grows (or contracts) based on the growth (or contraction) of the company.

Accounting and Reporting

  • Financial Executive Skill Gap
  • Inconsistent Financial Reporting
  • Lack of Accounting Processes
  • High Cost of a Full-Time Finance Professional
  • Experienced Finance Teams
  • Consistent Financial Statements
  • Controlled Accounting Processes
  • Reasonable Cost for an entire Finance Team

Our Approach


We listen, understand and document precisely where you stand today.


We advise you based on best practices and your industry-specific needs.


We determine the highest value opportunities for your business.


We execute the recommendation to a prioritized project schedule.


We bring systematic routine and control to daily, weekly and monthly processes.


We constantly optimize for you and recommend relevant processes and technology.

I thought high-level, strategic financial insights were a “nice to have” not a “must have” - but now after working with Vessel, I couldn’t even put a price on that piece. It’s been excessively valuable.

Adam Beamish President – Mark Beamish Waterproofing

We went from 5 employees to an IPO, and we wouldn’t be where we are without the team at Vessel.

Brad Searle CFO – PublicSq.