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Unlocking Financial Success in Professional Services

In the dynamic professional services environment, project profitability, resource utilization, and financial stability are paramount. We are Vessel Advisors: your finance and accounting partner. Discover how we leverage finance and accounting to support your growth goals and provide confidence and clarity.


Improve Profitability with Existing Resources

Growing organizations often become overstaffed, and, as a result, experience a decrease in profitability. Our strategic approach and in-depth reporting help you maximize profitability with the same number of employees. We organize financial strategies that empower your team to continue delivering high-quality service with a healthy bottom line.


Proactive Weekly Resource Forecasting

In a world driven by technology, we bring innovation to accounting for professional services. By designing, building, and delivering proactive weekly resource forecasts, we reduce non-billable time and enhance operational efficiency—a recipe for success!


Free Up Managing Partners/Owners

CEOs and managing partners belong at the helm, not buried in financial trivialities. We remove financial reporting and analysis responsibilities from partners, which affords your top executives the freedom to focus on business development and billable hours, leaving the accounting in expert hands.


Visualize Performance at the Resource and Department Levels

Your company’s financials tell a story and interpreting this story is key to evaluating performance at every level of the organization. We seamlessly connect high-level financial insights with weekly departmental and individual performance.


Enhance Cash Flow and Confidence

Unplanned swings in cash flow can cause major disruptions in your organization. But our cash flow forecasting gives you control over the financial future of your company through tightly controlling the flow of money in and out of your business.


Strategic Pricing and Roll-Out

Are your services priced properly? Are you attracting customers that generate predictable revenue and stable gross profit margins? We ensure you’re not leaving profit on the table and provide routine pricing analysis to maximize enterprise value.


Streamlined Billing Processes

Automated billing processes both reduce the time and headache of chasing clients for payment and add productive hours back into the schedule with your team focused on the highest and best use of time. Improved cash flow, reduced error, and increased confidence in converting your sales into cash flow.

"I've been able to focus on my expertise, which is growing my business - because the financials were taken care of. And I feel like anywhere we want to go, I have a plan for how to get there."
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Cima Johnson
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