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Elevating Nonprofit Financial Management

At Vessel Advisors, we understand that a nonprofit’s strength lies not just in its mission but also in its management. Our fractional CFO and back-office accounting services are tailored to support the unique needs and challenges of growing nonprofit organizations by offering a high-level financial strategy that is often inaccessible to nonprofits with limited budgets.

We’re here to ensure that your financial systems are as impactful as your vision.


Form 990, Simplified

Navigating the complexities of a Form 990 filing is essential for maintaining your nonprofit’s tax-exempt status as well as public trust. Vessel Advisors takes the helm of coordinating this critical process with your auditor. We ensure accuracy, compliance, and timeliness, which allows you to focus more on programs and less on paperwork.


Clear Financial Transactions Classifications

Your donors want to know what percentage of their dollar goes to the cause versus administration and overhead expenses. With our expertise, every expense is meticulously classified, ensuring that your financial statements accurately reflect your organization’s operations. Our monthly classification reporting brings clarity and precision to your financial landscape and ensures you know your overhead ratios.


Board Meeting Representation

We stand beside you, ready to present your financials at Board Meetings as an extension of your team. Our role is to ensure that your board is well-informed, fostering confidence and transparency in your organization’s financial health. We help you leverage your board’s expertise through accurate financial insights that drive value-add board meeting discussions.


Elevating Financial Reporting Quality

Inconsistent financial reporting can hinder your organization’s growth and erode donor confidence. And relying on volunteers or employees without an accounting background can generate short-term and long-term problems for nonprofits. Vessel Advisors is committed to enhancing the quality and consistency of your financial reporting, ensuring that your stakeholders remain informed, engaged, and supportive.


Impactful KPI Reporting

The success of a nonprofit isn’t measured in dollars and cents—it’s measured in impact. And understanding what drives your nonprofit’s success is key. We don’t just provide numbers; we deliver insights through our custom KPI reporting, which is designed to highlight the metrics that matter most to your organization. We provide you a clear view of your performance and areas of opportunity.

"Having a Vessel CFO on our team has truly elevated our organization's performance. In many ways, it feels like we have 'grown up' as an organization, and I have complete confidence and security reporting to our board."
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Regan Phillips
Nonprofit CEO - CASA of Orange County

Why Vessel?

Where your mission meets our expertise.

We’re more than just accountants; we’re partners in your mission. Our specialized services for nonprofit organizations are designed to alleviate your overburdened accounting team, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best—making a difference. With Vessel Advisors, you gain not only the expertise of seasoned financial professionals but a team committed to your organization’s growth and sustainability.